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  • uzzard — noun The letter z. Syn: izzard …   Wiktionary

  • izzard — iz·zard (ĭz’ərd) n. Informal ▸ The letter z. ╂ [Probably variant of Scots ezed, variant of ZED(Cf. ↑zed).] Word History: The curious and charming word izzard, meaning the letter z, is practically limited to certain fixed expressions in American… …   Word Histories

  • izzard — noun an alternate pronunciation for the letter , similar to . Syn: uzzard …   Wiktionary

  • zed — (n.) c.1400, from M.Fr. zede, from L.L. zeta, from Gk. zeta, from Heb. zayin, letter name, lit. weapon; so called in reference to the shape of this letter in ancient Hebrew. U.S. pronunciation zee is first attested 1670s. Other dialectal names… …   Etymology dictionary

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